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2017-11-06 19:56:33
Chalk Paint for Kitchen cabinets?

Looking to refinish or paint your kitchen cabinets. Maybe the easy of chalk paint is for you.


Chak Paint

What is chalk paint

Recognized for its soft, matte finish, chalk paint is commonly used to give furniture an aged, distressed look. This type of paint gives surfaces a dreamy and chalky texture. It's often used with soft wax, which seals the paint and leaves a matte finish. To produce a distressed, 'shabby chic' look, some crafters like to sand the painted surface, exposing the wood underneath, while others take a more modern approach and cover the surface with a solid coat of matte paint.


It calls for zero prep.

Seriously. This is what really sells people on Chalk paint is thick, which means you don't have to sand or prime, which saves prep work. Make sure you wipe them down with a grease and grime degreaser. After you're done with your two or three coats of paint, you then apply two to three coats of wax (to seal the wood, which is key in a kitchen). No sanding and messy cleanup.

The colors are easy to mix.

There are a few dozen colors base colors and you are able to also mix and make your own colors. It sounds scary but it's easy to do without the colors getting drab or muddy. Start with a Pure White for mixing or choose from these fun pre-mixed colors.


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